The Adventure Begins


I’ve been retired for a month now. Unfortunately, I seem to be going through a manic-depressive state of adjustment where two emotions dual for my psyche.

Elation – I’m so happy to be out of a stressful work situation. I was tired of colleagues asking me when I was going to retire and tired of managers who make it clear they wish they had someone younger doing the job.

I set my own schedule now and if I want an afternoon nap, I take one. I’m doing volunteer work; I’m walking my dog three times a day. Sometimes I’m almost giddy with the ime and freedom that retirement gives me.

Apprehension – Other times I worry that my money will run out before I do. I worry that my osteoarthritis will worsen and I won’t be able to continue the walks that my dog and I both enjoy. Money and health are the big worries. I’m going to do what I can to prolong both of them but I recognize that it isn’t 100% up to me.

I live in a senior community where it isn’t difficult to meet people (90% are from other areas and open to new friendships) and there are lots of activities if I want to participate. I’m fortunate and I know it but I just can’t stop worrying.

Maybe in six months, I’ll have a new perspective.